With SAP technology playing an increasingly critical role in every aspect of enterprise resource planning (ERP) to gain greater visibility into all operations, the mechanisms that support these daily business operations are typically known as business-critical applications. By nature, business-critical applications handle the most sensitive and valuable data that organizations generate. As such, the need to secure these applications has become a board-level initiative in organizations worldwide. Security requirements such as assessment, analyzing, monitoring, and front-end visibility are often enlisted as important preconditions for these transformational projects.

To effectively manage cyber risk means putting in place the right automated processes and the right enabling technology. Many companies today inspect systems and data manually for evidence of unexpected behavior and indicators of compromise or defect. It is a losing proposition in a modern organization and one that cybersecurity automation can help address. It can also help address lean or ill-proportioned cybersecurity teams. Paired with human error and the incredible amount of data to manage, it is inevitable that a potential threat will slip through the cracks. It is simply unrealistic to expect human teams to catch possible cybersecurity events reliably.

Succinctly, implementing SAP cybersecurity automation could be vital to reliably protect companies and ensure resilience through robust and continuous processes by properly scanning, analyzing, and mitigating threats. Automation is a way to beat the effects of the cybersecurity skills gap that some industry pundits say has created a 3-million-person shortfall in the industry. Protect4S security solves the enormous complexity of SAP security by simplifying the manual processes with automation.

Combining John&Partners’ industry-leading in business and management lean Six Sigma methodologies consulting services with Protect4S’ world-class continuous automated SAP cybersecurity next-gen technology services, The partnership brings together deep skills in Six Sigma business and management consulting services and continuous automated cybersecurity technology to help support Vietnam SAP clients through successful transformations.

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