John&Partners and NO MONKEY are pleased to announce they have entered into a Vietnam strategic partnership, combining John&Partners’ industry-leading in business advisory, management and Operational Excellence (Lean Six Sigma) methodologies consulting services with NO MONKEY’s world-class independent academy, advisory & SAP consulting services.

With SAP technology playing an increasingly critical role in every aspect of enterprise resource planning (ERP) to gain greater visibility into all operations, the mechanisms that support these daily business operations are typically known as business-critical applications. By nature, business-critical applications handle the most sensitive and valuable data that organizations generate. As such, the need to secure these applications has become a board-level initiative in organizations worldwide. At the same time, organizations are increasingly banking their investment in artificial intelligence and machine learning tools. However, well-trained people are still required to interpret the data of the news of major sophisticated breaches.

“People, not technology, are the fulcrum of the organizations’ cybersecurity. They ultimately determine the effectiveness of a company’s technology and processes. Skilled professionals are required to monitor the operations of these cybersecurity pillars.” Tu Nguyen, John&Partners Sr. Partner and Sr. VP cybersecurity
“We are NO MONKEY. We believe that security is a corporate responsibility that starts with people. Proper security execution requires a dedicated SAP security perspective and the implementation of a security culture where people, not technology, make the most significant difference.” Jochen Fischer, NO MONKEY CEO & Co-founder
John&Partners and NO MONKEY believe that the best way to increase the cybersecurity standard is by educating the Three Lines of Defense, focusing on establishing security as a bedrock within each line’s culture. When employees are taught how to secure a system, when learning and security become a part of the culture, they can adequately secure their SAP systems.

John&Partners & NO MONKEY partnership brings together deep skills in Six Sigma business advisory, management, and consulting services. The NO MONKEY Advisory, on the other hand, provides a strategic security solution that combines industry standards and our methodologies to guide organizations to adopt a tailored-to SAP security strategy. We focus on incorporating SAP security into your current cybersecurity strategy to support SAP clients through successful transformations.

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