Managing your cybersecurity is like trying to see the forest through the trees. Today, many companies inspect systems and data manually for evidence of unexpected behavior and compromise or defect indicators. It is a losing proposition in a modern organization and one that cybersecurity automation can help address. It can also help address lean or ill-proportioned cybersecurity teams. Paired with human error and the incredible amount of data to manage, it is inevitable that a potential threat will slip through the cracks. It is simply unrealistic to expect human teams to catch possible cybersecurity events reliably.

Implementing SAP cybersecurity automation could be vital to reliably protect companies and ensure resilience through robust and continuous processes by properly scanning, analyzing, and mitigating threats. Automation is a way to beat the effects of the cybersecurity skills gap that some industry pundits say has created a 3-million-person shortfall in the industry.

The challenge for IT data today is to keep pace with regulatory (HIPPA, Sarbanes- Oxley (SOX) and General Data Protection Regulation (EU GDPR)) compliance as well as to solve the enormous complexity of SAP security by simplifying the manual processes with automation. By recognizing that security is a business and not purely a technology issue, we partner with Protect4S to combine technical expertise, human intelligence, and six sigma process/automation to enrich the information and alerts shared with our clients.

Protect4S is the premier SAP technology solutions. Our local managed security services provider (MSSP) partner(s) defends your organization from increasingly sophisticated, targeted cybercrime threats. They monitor your network, systems, and data, 24/7. They add value by providing context and enriching the data you receive, helping to optimize your organization’s SAP security monitoring, incident detection, and incident response times.

Likewise, the rising threat of enterprise resource planning (ERP) cybercrime, combines with the shortage of SAP cybersecurity experts and training, per Nguyen Thanh Tu, Sr. Partner and Sr. VP of cybersecurity of John&Partners,

“People, not technology, are the fulcrum of the organizations’ cybersecurity. They ultimately determine the effectiveness of a company’s technology and processes. Skilled professionals are required to monitor the operations of these cybersecurity pillars.”

Well-trained and knowledgeable SAP cybersecurity experts are a must for a holistic SAP cybersecurity solution to existing. The right skills and knowledge part of the equation represent the people who know what and how to secure SAP ERP. These are the ultimate company business strategy solutions. However, the cybersecurity experts (people) are ineffective in their application of cybersecurity “know-how” if the required training and continuing education are not in place to secure the processes (ERP) enforcing the company’s business strategy. Accordingly, John&Partners partners with NO MONKEY to provide SAP cybersecurity training with certifications and continue education to address said issues.

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