- Established in 2010

- The desire to become a strategic partner in the Consulting and Education to Optimize business operating structure

- We do not just offer the course - We are a strategic partner in the Consulting and Education

The meaning of the name "John&Partners" as we look forward to:

1. Become a partner with the firm providing training solutions and other consultants to help a society increasingly better

2. Become partners with customers to deliver solutions and Education Consulting comprehensive

3. Become a partner with professionals to bring their knowledge and experience to our customers

4. Become a partner with a team of like-minded help us Sustainable Development

The meaning of "Driven by Excellence":

1. Give your customers a great experience at our service

2. "Perfection is very difficult" but "towards perfection" will help our team is fully aware that "Give your customers the best possible thing!"

Become our partner because we believe that "Together we will help sustainable development and go further!"

Word from the Founder's share "John&Partners".