Sales & Marketing Admin

A. Job Description:

- Making quotations & preparing all related documents of Sales and Marketing

department and complying with Guidelines.

- Requesting Sales and Marketing department for issuing policy, endorsement &

other documents.

- Reminding clients.

- Managing clients’ debtors.

- Preparing sales reports.

- Sending documents to clients.

- Filling documents

- Others as required

B. Working environment:

- Working environment: creative, independent, friendly.

- To be trained and coached.

- To develop the capacity according to personal development roadmap.

C. Requirements:

- Graduated from College, University

Major: Marketing, Business Administration,…(Optional)


- Good communication, be careful, quick reaction, willing to learn, strong in

negotiation, strong in stressful environment, bright and friendly, self-motivated,

and independent

D. Working hours:

- Monday - Friday: 9:00 – 18:00.

- To will have overtime depending on the job requirements.

E. Benefit:

* Free lunch at office dining room from Monday – Friday.

* Free parking fee for motorbike.

F. Salary:


Contact: 0908 000 462 (Ms.Trang)

Bài viết mới

A. Job Description:

1. Marketing task:

- Plan, develop and implement PR strategies.

- Researching, writing and distributing press release to targeted media while

analyze media coverage and social networking.

Sales & Marketing Executive

18:22 - 26/08/2016

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