What is the DMAIC Method ?

DMAIC is part of the 6 sigma approach , those 5 letters stand for a defined function. Here is the whole process explained: 

D. Define

What is the problem ? 

Define the customers' needs and specify the objectives to reach, set your project. "Define" is the first step of the method, it permits to define the scope of the project, expectations, resources and necessary delays. 

M. Measure performance 

What is the capability of the considered process ?

Collect the representative data, measure performance, identify the zone in progress. Evaluation of current performances and related variations (trend, cycle...) 

A. Analyze 

When, where and how defaults are produced ? 

Use analytical tools and statistics in order to identify causes of the problems. During this step of the method, it is necessary to understand the problems for developing afterwards solutions which could solve the disparity between the current situation and the customers objectives. 

I. Improve performance 

What are the possible improvement solutions and how to establish them in order to reach objectives and performances ?

 Identification and settlement of solutions in order to avoid the problems we saw above. This step particularly important can work through several phases and aims to test and approve the best solutions. 

C. Control performance 

How to manage key variables in order to sustain and keep the advantage ?

Follow-up of the established solutions. It is important to avoid the former mistakes. Results must be visible right now and efforts must be supported or reoriented if necessary. This phase is the most delicate, like all the continuous improvement processes. Supporting the efforts will bring the establishment of a generalized culture of measure.  


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