The story of Lean 6 sigma

The Lean Six Sigma: 


The natural association of Lean and Sig Sigma will end to create the Lean 6 Sigma (LSS) in the first decade of the 21st century.

Nowadays, the LSS is used in every sectors, of course industry but also in banking, insurance, in the public sector and even in the legal field. 

It is firstly a collective state of mind whose aim is to look for a continous improvement of the global efficiency. One feature of LSS is that there is no end as the company can always be improved (solve inefficient processes, eliminate excessive inventories and reduce high costs-to-serve...). However, 4 basic method for solving a problem can apply in its establishment; Plan, Do, Check and Act or Adjust (PDCA)

An adaptive culture that engages everyone is thus necessary and it permits to have instant feedback of what work or doesn't work in the company. Failure can happen then, however the company should learn from it and use it to improve its efficiency. 

To resume, the most reactive companies have the advantage compared to the strongest ones or even the smartest ones as they are able to quickly change their strategy. 

The history of Lean 6 Sigma is just beginning... 

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