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South East Asia is one of the world's most dynamic zone and represents a lot of opportunities for many investors. Many businesses are created each year but fail because of a lack of management methods. What could be the means to increase their efficiency, save costs and gain time ? The answer is an efficient lean management impulsed by tools of quality. However, the creation of a value chain of management and an improvement of the whole process of production is difficult to set up. The use of many working methodologies is necessary  before establishing the Operational Excellence. 

Operational Excellence is the objective to reach in order to optimize your business.It comes from the United States for improving the process of production. Several tools are used such as the 6 sigma (one of the most famous) to analyse in details your business and to find the solutions to improve it. 

The Asian market has a strong potential and this success can be explained by the fast development of the countries of this region. For example, the ASEAN (Association of Southeast Asian Nations) created in 1967 market was built in response of a common necessity to face the other economic region. Due to its efficiency, other countries joined it like Vietnam and Cambodia. 

In the John&Partners Company  we use the Operational Excellence since 2010 and help companies to achieve it. We operate in Vietnam with big industries (KFC Vietnam for example) but also with local companies here and in the South East Asia region, more particularly in the ASEAN market. One of our current mission is to expand abroad, we already have collaborations with Asian countries but we would like to grow more. We are qualified in training, coaching, consulting, team building and other service like relations with Universities. According to the quality standards of the company, our approach is totally customer centered, that is to say we place the client at the heart of our business' reflection.

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Feel free to contact us if you need any support or simply want to discuss about how to improve your business ! 

The John&Partners team.

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