Overview of 6 Sigma

Customer- centered approach 

Customer orientation is one of the requirements of the 6 sigma method. It is also the main point for its success. It is not just a matter of confirming the existing customers' expectations inside the company (as many of companies do) but to define the key factors for a sustainable customer satisfaction. 

Result oriented approach 

Growth of the financial rentability is the purpose of 6 sigma. It is important to stay focused on this point during its establishement. 

Rational approach 

During the choice of the projects, it is necessary to stay rational and to evaluate the potential rentability in any range. A good project is the one which sources of "poor quality" are easily identifiable, actors are cooperative and the necessary efforts will have relevant impacts on the customer satisfaction. Now we can start to clarify the different steps by priority. 


Statistical tools are the first tools to be used in the Six Sigma approach. 

Collective creativity

Those tools are the second ones to be used in the method

Risk measurement

For every delicate projects, the measure of the risk is the only mean to anticipate nasty surprise and avoid failures and useless expenses. 

Caring for changes

Once the project over, the process is given back to its legitimate owners. Continuity must be ensured. Anyway, in order to succeed the 6 sigma establishement, it is necessary for the company to be well-prepared and receptive. 

Lead of the project 

A 6 sigma project is a fully-fledged project, it is controlled by using project management technics.


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