Operational excellence - Introduction

The Operational Excellence is a corporate behaviour, it aims to optimize the efficience and performance of businesses and Men that compose these businesses. Ultimately, it aims to satisfy customer expectations for the future of the company . For me, this is an improvement process that makes it possible to implement the organization , strategy and human forces to ensure its virtuous development at present as to the future.

Could you give us a concrete example ?

At J&P, we support our customers in their Operational Excellence program by giving advices, training and coaching. For this we use all tools of Classic Improvement , such as quality tools , Lean Six Sigma. Our missions are to re-enforce the value created for the customer to reduce waste , increase profitability , provide a competitive advantage . Thus , we optimize processes to improve performance , we change attitudes so that they are always oriented to meet customer expectations , we modify management methods and sometimes , we transform organizations.

 What should we remember and explain about operational excellence ?

For me, this approach should place customers at the center of reflection and action. Here's what to keep in mind when we talk about Operational Excellence

  • Firstly, this is a state of mind, a desire to be better together.
  • You can apply OE to both services and industry, you can apply it to both big companies and start up
  • its purpose is to satisfy the customer's needs, everytime and for a long time
  • She also has to be rooted in the company strategy
  • All the company is concerned, from Managers to action teams.
  • If I can define another world for operational excellence it will be : listening. Once the top management decided to launch an OE approach, all managers has to be like models, and engage their action teams.
  • Another objective of operational excellence is to reduce wastes (time, overproduction, stocks, returns, products)


But operational excellence, it is not also methods, tools ?

« The tool is nothing without the expert hand of the man who wields it », can we say, and mostly add that the tool can not suffice to itself. OE is mostly represented by these three words : Observe, Understand, Act.

In term of methods, we start by men, observation and also a perfect comprehension of organisation for in a next time select in the operational excellence toolbox those who will serve the strategic objectives of the business. We can quote some tools like Lean 6 sigma, Lean Management, Lean Service; all methods of Kaizen.

What will you say to companies who wish use operational excellence? What is its purpose and impact? 

  • Improve satisfaction and customer relations
  • Prepare the future of the company
  • Improve results, quality efficiency, agility, organisation
  • Create some leaders and operational teams on the company strategy.
  • Reduce wastes (overproduction, too long waiting time, stocks, transports).
  • Have a good use of the collective and individual intelligence for the benefit of the organisation and its clients.


Finally, what are the keys to success Operational Excellence program?

  • An attentive, involved and participate management
  • Implicated field teams, who express themselves and therefore reveal areas of progress -> The customer's investment is in the heart of the process.   
  • A skills transfer to the teams in order to join the operational excellence initiative and the most important is to stay in the duration.

Thanks for your attention,

John&Partners team.

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