Lunch Time! But Don't Forget Your Breaks After Lunch

“When it comes to productivity, there’s an equation that I think is pretty straightforward and simple. It goes a little something like this: More time spent working equals more to-dos taken care of. Seems pretty obvious, right?” – Kat Boogaard (The Daily Muse)

For years, I was never someone who took a lunch break. I work from home, and my lunch hour typically consisted of whipping together something quick and then bringing it straight back to my desk so that I could effectively utilize every single minute of my workday.

Even though studies show that brief breaks actually help to boost your motivation and productivity, I still assumed my unnecessary commitment to my desk was helping me. That extra half hour or hour spent in front of my computer meant I wasn’t wasting a second of work time — I felt like I was some sort of red-caped productivity superhero with a turkey sandwich in one hand and my computer mouse in the other.

Then, one day, everything changed. I’m still not certain what made me flip the switch. But, I decided I wanted to break away from the chains of my desk and do something different. So, that’s exactly what I did.

For an entire week, I made sure that I stood up and ventured away from my computer for at least a half hour every afternoon. Whether I walked the dog, watched a TV show, or read a book, I challenged myself to do something that broke me out of my routine and took me away from the computer that was seemingly holding me captive.

It was a positive, rewarding, and — you guessed it — incredibly enlightening experience. So, here’s a breakdown of the few of the things I learned.

  1. Time to recharge truly is necessary
  2. Work-life balance isn't all about after-hours
  3. Your brain plays tricks on you

How these can affect your productivity optimization? Kate Boogaard elaborates that on the following link:

Enjoy your Lunch (and breaks)!

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