Lean 6 Sigma

Definition of Lean Six Sigma 

Lean 6 sigma is the combination of the 2 improvement methods of processes which are admitted for their efficiency. 

6 Sigma was born in the Motorola group, it is the origin of a drastic research for improvement of quality of the production process. 

Lean method was designed inside the Toyota factories during the 1970's in order to reduce delays, introduce Just In Tim and reducing the costs. 

Why Lean 6 Sigma ?

The two methods, Lean and Six Sigma, are customer centered. When they are established together with caution, the advantages of the two approaches are absolutely compatible and complement one another. Activities were originally related to the quality defects of the customer, just like the lateness which penalizes the process. Those are the principal sources of opportunities to improve quality, delays and costs. Starting from this, lean six sigma is also considered as an inescapable  improvement approach of the customer service (according to the voice of the customer) and the global profitability.  

How to unite the Lean approach and the 6 Sigma method 

Lean is an automatic method for process improvement. Its field of action concern: reducing the time of cycles, Just In Time, improvement not only for fluidity but also flexibility. 

6 Sigma aims to a drastically reduce any kind of variations below a range which correspond to the customer's satisfaction. Juxtaposition of both approaches, both process-oriented, permits to have a global management of the improvement approach by taking into account the expectations of the customer in term of quality, delays and costs. 

Quality and delays, a directed process

Quality and delays are indeed closely linked to one another. Modification, bad returns and rejects represent major causes of the reduction in speed. Secondly, improvement of delays as part of  a process implies the automatic reduction of wastes and mistakes during production. Actually, evey steps which do not bring any added values to the customers should be evaluated, cancelled or changed in most of the cases.

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