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Just In Time 

Classic systems of management for industrial production are not adapted anymore in term of flexibility and production. They need to be completed with oriented Just In Time processes (JIT).

The rule is to have a tailor-made production according to the needs of the customers while respecting costs and quality.

This deeply reform of logical production implies many changes in the practices level, in the corporate behaviours and in the working methods as well. The evolution of relations between actors of the suppliers chain and subcontracting is obvious. What is more, new management systems for logistics like the Supply Chain Management are necessary to adopt. 


Kanban is a principle of production created by the Toyota firms. According to its definition, Kanban permits to move back up the specific needs in the realization process. Kanban is therefore the name of the cardboard used for showing the container of the pieces in the process of production.

The DELL example

Dell is the producer of micro-computers and succeeded in taking the position we know thanks to its management system of integrated production. The process is really swift: they can deliver in less than one week personalized computers after online or telephone orders. Its reactivity is incredible as they manage the stocks  with reduced amount of components (less than 11 days), the company can integrate and offer immediately the brand new technological innovations.  

3 rules to success 

1. Make aware a lot of actors for a decision taking in the concerned field, where the information is available and where action is possible, risks can be measured. 

2.Make the information more fluid instead of stocking it and keep it secret. Free and generalized circulation of the information avoid to be forced to compensate dysfunctions with the stocks of pieces, raw material, and costs.

3. Measure exactly the performance and continuously. Don't be limited by only financial factors, you should adapt to the needs and expectations of each decision-maker.

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