How To Lead 6 Sigma For Services ?

6 Sigma and the services sector 

Processes of services organizations are from many points not really different from the processes of the production industries. 
Services companies are therefore related to the voice of customers in order to improve their business. This fact concerns many fields, such as financial organisms, banking, insurance companies, administrations... They are all submitted to the objectives of quality, delays and profitability. 

New projects

The 6 sigma approach applied to the services activities, without being totally changed from the industrial practices, follow more or less the same principles, steps and recommendation. However, pressures are different and it is easier to innovate in order to define new processes as efficient as original. We can quote the DMADV approach in this subject. 

How to success the 6 sigma project ?

6 sigma project and action teams involved

The success of a 6 Sigma establishent is directly related to the purpose of the company approach. Is it a matter of improving the customers' service in order to make a benefit for all the company's members or is the aim of this project to improve rentability by any possible means ?

A smart and cooperative management, with a personalized caring of the change will be the right solution to success the establishment of the project. 

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