Efficient Recruitment Thanks to The Company Culture

Finding good profiles is not always an easy task, the young skilled professionals are often well-demanded. As a result, small and even big companies have to introduce themselves in their best lights. To stand out form the others, one asset has to be put forward: the company culture. 


First of all, what is company culture ? It refers to all the values that the employees accept to share. We can find it in the employees' behaviour, their relationships with one another at work or even in the management system. 

The company culture: an important criterion for candidates

It is crucial to communicate about your company culture, because your future partners will be curious to know more in details the working environment you offer. Of course missions and wage are still important information, but company culture is important as well, and yet it is ofen put aside. Nowadays the young skilled people are attaching more and more importance to the values of a company, the way it works, its organization, the profile and personality of management but also and more particularly to its cultural specificity. It is not for nothing that the top working companies takes into account this kind of criterion ! 


Candidate and company: the necessity of a common culture

It is important to claim a strong company culture. The harmony of a candidate with it must be wanted. One good example is to keep a 'start-up' mentality, with a fast access to many responsibilities. The aim is to be looking for passionate profiles who want to progress quickly from a personal and profesional point of view. Company culture can thus be found in every kind of organizations and is useful in order to reinforce the corporate cohesion. Dialogue with co-workers is encouraged, with this system everyone can learn from the successes but also the failures of the other workers. It is also important to put forward an international culture, an experience abroad is a positive element for all the team. It often shows an open-minded spirit and the ability of taking risks. 

How to put forward its company culture ? 

In order to attract the most interesting candidates and the most appropriate for company culture, it is necessary to communicate about it. Company culture must obviously appears on your website and in the section for job offerings, but nowadays it is also important to think about social medias. Nowadays they play a more and more pertinent part during a recruiting process and they represent a mean to show the company culture. For example, you can post pictures of your partners at work, during a session of team building or an event with your company... all the moments that resume your working atmosphere. A good way is also to make and publish recruiting videos which put on performance your corporate values and culture. 

The way you organize your recruiting process is a good mean to define the harmony of a potential candidate to your company culture. 

So for your next recruitments, think about company culture and social medias ! 

Thank you for your attention, 

John&Partners team.

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