Company 2.0

Communicative company 

In this period of digital transformation, companies need to adapt. Cooperative tools of a communicative company are really important for sharing knowledge and create value inside the organization.  

The user in operation

This is the principal feature of the 2.0 Web upon which is based a "2.0 company". The word was invented by Andrew McAfee, university lecturer and researcher in the MIT. According to him, the user has more rights and technologies are based on his expectations. The movement is still changing, as we can notice by seeing the development of cooperative platforms such as blogs, wiki, twitter and increased mobility with smartphones. Communicate with one another has never been so simple. 

Autonomy and mobility

The information system is from now on simple and reachable for every one. Forwarned users will plently exploit those new means to create a nice working setting in total autonomy. In the next few years, "cloud service" will run the internet and this change will permit an aboslute mobility. 

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