Black Belt 6 Sigma

What is a Black Belt ? 

Black Belt represents the project manager for the 6 Sigma establishment. He has a lot of experience and knows how to solve the problems of process optimization and drastic decrease of defaults while considering the financial rentability of the operation and the customer's satisfaction. It is thus more than just a technical expert.

The part of the Black Belt 

He is normally working full-time on the Six Sigma project, otherwise he manages other Six Sigma specialists but with less experience: The Green Belts 

However, he can be supported by experts with even more experience than himself: The Masters Black Belts 

Most of the time they are advisors and tutor, members of a specialized cabinet which do not belong to the company. They assist the project responsbile and makes him benefit from the experience they earned during similar or complementary projects.  

Black Belt formation

How to become Black Belt ?

It is quite difficult to become a Black Belt. Formation takes place generally during a 4-unit cycle, with one cycle per week, so in other term it takes around 16 to 20 days. The units are interpersed of action steps in order to put into practice the adquired notions.

The formation is focused on the DMAIC approach. It is oriented to the use of statistical tools, quality tools and principles for measurement. 

A Black Belt is cautious, and before starting this kind of formation he was also prepared to quality and industrial practices, with technics to solve the exisiting problems. 


Champion is necessary part of the executive leadership whose mission is to contribute to the 6 Sigma spirit inside the company in order to ease its establishment. 

He is in charge of the global aspect and the project management. He also supports the Black Belts, in particular concerning the financial and relational aspects with the other actors of the company. His function of intermediary between the direction is crucial for the success of the project. 

Champion Formation

Champion is far less involved in the Six Sigma project. As a result, the expectations related to the formation are more limited. In general, a strong awareness campaign is enough to create an involved and aware setting for the suitability of the Six Sigma approach. 

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