Advice for Using The 6 Sigma Method

Use the DMADV method 

Sometimes the DMAIC approach is not suittable enough and for some projects, DMADV is more appropriate. Especially for set new processes. Here is a short recap

DMADV is specific for Design and Verify phases 

It is quite similar to the DMAIC and is constituted of the following phases:

  •  Define
  •  Measure
  •  Analyze
  •  Design
  •  Verify

The 3 first steps are similar to the DMAIC method.

The Design phase is defined in detail in the process in order to be suittable for the customers' needs.

The Verify phase aims to check if performance and ability are in accordance with objectives and customers' expectations. 

To notice: other methods and variants exist 

Use the 6 sigma method 


Six Sigma is also for services 


 6 Sigma is not only limited to the production process. Thus, this research for regularity is advantageous for many other fields inside your company. 6 Sigma can be deployed with the safety functions for service companies as insurance companies, banks, call centers... 

Take care of collecting data influence the project success 

The pertinence of collecting data, quality of the mesures and sharpness of management are key points for the good establishement of the approach. Cooperation of the whole stuff is also one of the rules for success. The automatic formation of the whole team is defined by the process in progress. 

Overview of the Six Sigma method 



  • Improve to the maximum the regularity of the customer's quality.


  • Markedly improve incomes 

Financing the implementation 

  • Particularly high but proportional to the expected results while the project is accurately led or no. 

Thank you for your attention.

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