6 Pieces of Advice for Being an Efficient Manager

Nowadays, corporate success is not related to individual work anymore. Indeed, collaboration is an important driving-force for the well-being of your company, this is the reason why management is crucial. An efficient manager must be capable to lead change and various operations. His main objective is to answer to the needs, take up a challenge, or take an opportunity. However, it requires a true know-how in order to obtain results thanks to management.

1-You are not made for this ? Give up ! 

 An excellent head of company can also be a really bad manager ! As a result, if you feel management is not one of your capacity or if simply you are not an expert of human contacts and communication, you should let it go ! But don't worry, you totally can stay at the top of your organization and delegate management to a more qualified person. It is the occasion to gave a promotion to one of your employee or you can recruit ! 

2- Ask for advice 

To the contrary, if you like the management field, you can see it as a way to increase your area of expertise. In that case, do not hesitate to investigate near your relatives. As head of the company, you will have for sure friends or acquaintances in charge of other societies who may help you to better understand what you could do. This kind of exchange is always positive and represents for you a way for you to learn. 

3- Build professional links 

  Before giving directions to your colleagues, learn to know them first ! What can you expect of  a team composed of 10 or 15 members without knowing them ? Do not hesitate thus to invite them to attend a private interview, not only to speak about work but also about other subjects. Careful ! It is not a matter of investigating about their private life (because no one will appreciate this initiative), but rather in order to know their tastes, their passions... Those interviews could be for you really rewarding. It will allow you to feel more comfortable with one another. 

4- Know the employees you work with 

You can realize those kinds of individual interviews several time in a year. After having broken the ice for the first time, it will permit you to better define specialism and abilities of every single employee. Afterwards, it will be your turn to adapt to those different factors ! 

5- Learn how to listen to them 

Still in the same idea, select a continuous and sustained communication by organizing meetings. Indeed, individual interviews might not be enough in the management field. Once again, never forget that a company is a matter of collective work ! Hence, meetings are really important. Every of your employees could express themselves and you will give them a sense of satisfaction inside the company.

6- Define the expectations of your team

 Each of us has objectives in corporate life. Did you know it is the same thing with your coworkers ? They do not go to work every morning just for you ! For this reason, it is crucial that you dertermine first your employee's expectations, in a personal area (in this case an individual meeting is required) and then their expectations regarding their working conditions. With this method, your employees will be trustful and the cohesion of the team will be improved. If employees are involved and motivated in their corporate life, work will be better ! 

We would like to thank you for reading our articles, the 4 next pieces of advice are available by private message ! 

Thank you for your attention, 

John&Partners team.

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